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Aylesbury Centre

Tyre Fitting

The correct care of your tyres will prolong their
life and ensure you are driving safely on the
roads at all times.

At Total Tyre Solutions we are never too busy for you
to just pop-in and ask one of our trained tyre
technicians to check your tread depths and tyre pressures
all FREE of charge 7 days a week.

With a wide choice of brands available we will always advice you on the correct tyres for your car at the right price to meet your budget.


All about Exhaust System & The Role of exhaust systems

1. Emission control
2. Noise reduction
3. Improved performance
4. Protecting passengers

At Total Tyres we gurantee to fit a Quality exhaust at a very competitive price.


How shock absorbers work - Shock absorbers do not support the weight of the vehicle. They damp oscillations in the spring. They are basically oil pumps.
A piston is attached to the end of a piston rod and works against the hydraulic fluid in the pressure tube. As the suspension moves up and down, the hydraulic fluid is forced through tiny holes inside the piston. These tiny holes let only a small volume of fluid flow through the piston. This slows it down, thereby slowing down the piston and the suspension.

It is important that your shock absorbers are changed every 40,000 miles. At Total Tyre Solutions we are so confident that you will feel the difference in the handling and comfort when you replace your old shock absorbers with Monroe. Should you not notice the difference we will refund your money in full and re-fit your old shocks FREE of charge within 14 days of purchase.


Delphi Lockheed & Apec have a reputation throughout the UK for supplying only the highest quality braking components. A reputation that is essential when supplying safety critical components such as discs, drums, pads & shoes.

Each pad is manufactured on state of the art machinery to maintain the high level of quality and excellent performance our Customers expect from the Delphi Lockheed brand.


Our battery range covers all types of vehicles including:

Cars & light vehicles
Commercial vehicles
(heavy, emergency, agricultural)

(light & heavy boats)

(caravans, light boats)

(eg, motorbikes, jet ski’s, snowmobiles)

Our Aylesbury Depot also offer the following products/Services:

> General Servicing
> 4 Wheel Alignment
> Motorcycle Tyres
> Vintage Car Tyres
> Uniflate
> Free 10 point check, including Tyres, Brakes,
Battery, Exhaust and Engine Oil

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